Youth Pastor: Lindsey Haffner

Join us for Sabbath School  at 9:30.

Who We Are...

We are committed to exploring a Christ centered world view with High School students through learning, experiences and relationships. 

What do we Do?

We focus on four key areas

1. Service to the Community.

2. Empowerment and Involvement in Church Life.

3. Social Events for Developing Christ Centered Relationships.

4. Spiritual Growth.

Below are just some of the programs and events we run. 

  • Saturdays at 9:45

    Join us for Sabbath School at 9:30 in our High School room.

  • Friday Night Vespers

    Most Friday nights we will meet together for food, worship, games and Bible study, either at the church or in the homes of our members. 

  • Service Projects

    We love helping, and we will regularly find ways to serve the community. This is us at our local community garden run by Helping Hands Pantry.

  • Church Life

    Serving and being involved in our local church life is something that is very important to us. Each weekend you will find our HS students volunteering and being involved in many ways around the church. This is part of our VBS crew.

  • Camps

    We love our camps, we have hiked, surfed, water and snow skied and been on retreats with other church groups. 

  • Socials

    It is just good to hang out, so we have a regular schedule of social events. 

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